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29th HiRSE Seminar

On May 23, 2024, 2:30pm CEST, Jan Linxweiler from the Technische Universität Braunschweig will continue the HiRSE Seminar with his talk on Learnings from SURESOFT - Research Software Engineering Beyond Tooling.

Abstract: Research software plays a crucial role in advancing various disciplines and driving scientific progress. Typically developed by scientists with a focus on short-term objectives, due to the pressure to publish results as fast as possible. Therefore, such software often faces challenges in regard to software quality and suffers from reproducibility issues caused by the rushed implementation and the developers’ limited training in software engineering. This hampers its widespread and enduring usage, thereby impeding the quality and pace of scientific research.

The SURESOFT project aims to tackle these issues by establishing a cohesive methodology and infrastructure applicable to most research software projects. While leveraging tools and principles from the discipline of software engineering like version control, continuous integration, containerization, software design principles and patterns as well as testing and Test Driven Development, SURESOFT seeks to enable researchers to enhance the quality of research software to ensure its long-term sustainability and availability.

The talk will be held online. The connection details will be posted here:

If you would like to attend, but think you may not get the connection details through these channels, please write to hirse@fz-juelich.de. Slides will be published at the HiRSE Zenodo Community.

Location: virtual