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4C - Comprehensive Computational Community Code

Members: Developers from Institute of Material Systems Modeling (Hereon), Institute for Computational Mechanics (TU Muenchen, Munich), Institute for Mathematics and Computer-Based Simulation (Universitaet der Bundeswehr, Munich), Institute for High-Performance Scientific Computing (Universitaet Augsburg)
Topics: Numerical Simulation, Finite Elements


Members: Gregor Michalicek, Uliana Alekseeva, Christian-R. Gerhorst
Topics: All-electron Density Functional Theory, Materials Science, Solid State Physics

Heat - The Helmholtz Analytics Toolkit

Topics: High-performance Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Distributed Tensors, Python, MPI, GPU

NEST Simulator – spiking neural network simulations

Members: https://github.com/orgs/nest/people and https://nest-initiative.org
Topics: neuroscience, simulation, spiking neural networks, learning, brain function

PFFRG for quantum magnetic systems

Members: Nils Niggemann, Vincent Noculak
Topics: Condensed matter physics, quantum magnetism, functional renormalization group methods