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30th HiRSE Seminar

On June 6, 2024, 3pm CEST, Neil Chue Hong from the Software Sustainability Institute and The University of Edinburgh will continue the HiRSE Seminar with his talk on Is Research Software Engineering coming of age?.

Abstract: Since the coining of the term Research Software Engineer in 2012, the RSE community have focussed on understanding how to define what an RSE is, where they sit, and what they do. After a decade, we’ve realised that there isn’t a single job profile for an RSE, and there are multiple pathways to becoming an RSE. So what comes next for the profession as it continues to mature? In this talk, I’ll consider whether the RSE profession is defined not by what we do, but how and why we do things. How can research software engineering be meaningful and relevant to society, how can it continue to grow, and how can we make it easier to explain our job to others? I’ll also consider where RSE is going in the future, and how the role of an RSE may be changing.

The talk will be held online. The connection details will be posted here:

If you would like to attend, but think you may not get the connection details through these channels, please write to hirse@fz-juelich.de. Slides will be published at the HiRSE Zenodo Community.

Location: virtual